UK Financial Conduct Authority

UK FCA ESG Regulations

As the regulator of the UK’s financial markets and financial institutions, the UK Financial Conduct Authority has established an ESG Advisory Committee to formulate guidelines for ESG information disclosure and ESG data products. The FCA also formulates regulatory policies for the naming, classification and sustainable disclosures of ESG funds. 

The Buy-Side Directorate under Financial Conduct Authority regularly conducts ESG investigations on asset management companies and issues reports.


FCA Plans to Supervise Asset Management Companies on ESG

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) plans to carry out an ESG supervision on asset management companies. The supervision is under the charge of the Buy-Side Directorate of FCA, which includes the corporate governance content that asset management companies are most likely to have a negative impact on consumers and the market in their business activities


FCA Announced Establishment of ESG Advisory Committee

The Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom announced the establishment of the ESG Advisory Committee, whose work includes the formulation of guidelines for ESG data and rating agencies, guidance and supervision of ESG disclosure