China ESG


China has formulated a 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutrality plan, and its investment in clean energy such as photovoltaics and wind power and the scale of financial instruments such as green bonds are at the forefront of the world.

China’s ESG development has attracted the attention of many international institutions. The Asia Investor Group on Climate Change has set up a China working group, and the International Sustainability Standards Board has opened an office in Beijing. 

China is also cooperating with other jurisdictions on ESG policies. The Monetary Authority of Singapore and the People’s Bank of China have jointly established a green finance working group, and the European Union is also developing a common taxonomy with China.


AIGCC Establish China Working Group

The Asia Investor Group on Climate Change (AIGCC) has added a China working group to meet the investment needs of the Chinese market for investors and promote ESG development in China


PBoC and MAS Set Up the Green Finance Taskforce

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) announced the establishment of a green finance working group, which aims to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in green finance and promote Asia’s transition to a low-carbon economy


CDP Releases Net-Zero Report for China Listed Companies

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) releases the net-zero report of listed companies in China. CDP analyzes the development of 70 companies listed in China and Hong Kong through questionnaires and interviews, and proposes the difficulties and solutions in net-zero transition


ICMA Releases White Paper on China ESG Practices

The International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and China Central Depository and Clearing (CCDC) jointly release a white paper on China ESG practice, summarizing the current development of China’s ESG from three perspectives: regulation policy, ESG practices by enterprises and ESG practices in financial markets


IMA Releases China Companies ESG Disclosure Report

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) released the ESG disclosure report of listed companies in China, taking 140 companies listed in the mainland China market and Hong Kong market as samples, to study their ESG information disclosure and climate related disclosure based on the TCFD framework