ESG Definitions

ESG Definitions

This page contains some common ESG concepts to help participants have a better understanding of ESG development.

Diversity Washing

Deep Dive on Diversity Washing in ESG

Diversity washing refers to the situation that the company’s external publicity is inconsistent with the actual performance in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion (hereinafter referred to as DEI). Such publicity can improve the company’s ESG rating and thus obtain more


Early Development and Long-term Value of ESG Investment

After ESG was proposed, how did the financial industry view this emerging investment concept? What was the early development of ESG? One year after ESG was proposed, the Global Compact once again held a meeting to invite representatives


Origin of ESG: Global Compact “Who Cares Wins”

ESG first appeared in 2004, the United Nations Global Compact released the report “Who Cares Wins”, which together with twenty financial institutions gave suggestions to the financial industry, hoping to better apply environment, society and

Global Warming Potential

What is Global Warming Potential GWP

The Global Warming Potential (GWP) was created to solve this problem. In simple terms, GWP can be regarded as a measure of the effect of these gases on carbon dioxide (set as unit 1) in the process of global warming, that is, different gases have different GWP values. The larger the GWP