United States ESG


U.S.’s ESG policies are formulated by state and national agencies. For example, the US Securities and Exchange Commission has included ESG as a regulatory priority, and the Federal Reserve has conducted climate scenario testing for large banks.

The U.S.’s ESG asset management scale ranks among the top in the world, focusing on socially responsible investment and ESG integrated investment.


US SEC Regards ESG Investing as an Examination Priority

The Division of Examinations of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC for short) recently includes ESG investing in the examination priorities in 2023 to understand the latest industry development trend and protect investors from potential risks


US SIF Releases 2022 Sustainable Investing Report

The statistical means of sustainable investment in this report are different from those in the past. If the financial products only contain words related to “ESG” or “sustainable investment”, but do not clearly indicate that the corresponding sustainable content